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Cold War on Ice

Documents on the political and diplomatic aspects of international hockey during the Cold War. (Image, Soviet stamp commemorating ice hockey at the 1976 Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria)

Popular Documents

February 28, 1968

Note from P. Shelest to CPSU Central Committee

A note from P. Shelest to the CC CSPU regarding a suspicious incident relating to Czechoslovak unrest.

March 14, 1963

Memorandum from David L. Hackett to John F. Kennedy, 'Why Sweden Beat the United States, 17-2'

The previous day, President Kennedy had complained to Hackett about the poor quality of the United States hockey team during the 1963 World Championships. The US lost repeatedly, including an embarrassing 17-2 loss to Sweden.

March 31, 1967

Czechoslovak Communist Party (CPCz), Intra-party Information Concerning Public Response to USSR-Czechoslovakia Match at the Ice-hockey World Championship in Vienna

Report describing the polarized public response in Czechoslovakia to the Soviet-Czech hockey match during the World Championships in Vienna. The match (which Czechoslovakia lost 2-4) involved multiple fights and when the Soviet anthem played during the final ceremony it was accompanied by deafening boos and catcalls from the audience.

March 29, 1969

Report on Visit of Soviet Ambassador Stepan Chervenenko to Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry

Conversation between Soviet Ambassador Chervenenko and Czechoslovak State Secretary Václav Pleskot. They discuss the recent Ice Hockey World Championship and the anti-Soviet political protests which took place following Czechoslovakia's defeat of the Soviet Union. Tensions were high following the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and protesters in cities across Czechoslovakia attacked the offices of Aeroflot, the Soviet Army, and the Soviet embassy.

March 31, 1969

Czechoslovak Interior Minister Jan Pelnář, Report on Security Situation in Czechoslovakia on Night of 28-29 March 1969

Detailed report prepared by the Czechoslovak Federal Ministry of Interior listing anti-Soviet protests that took place in the evening of March 28-29 following the defeat of the Soviets by the Czechoslovak national team at the hockey world championships in Stockholm.