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Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki speaks before the United Nations General Assembly on October 2, 1957.

Rapacki Plan

On October 2, 1957, Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki proposed the denuclearization of Central Europe (East and West Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia). This collection features materials from 1958 and 1959, the height of discussions concerning the Rapacki Plan, drawn from volumes of Polskie dokumenty dyplomatyczne, a series produced by the Polish Institute of International Affairs. The collection offers insights into Poland’s greatest diplomatic initiative of the late 1950s, one which Warsaw hoped would fundamentally alter the dynamics of European security and carve out a larger role for Poland on the international stage. For an overview of the collection, see Ryan Musto's essay "Polish Perspectives on the Rapacki Plan for the Denuclearization of Central Europe," from Sources & Methods.

Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki speaks before the United Nations General Assembly on October 2, 1957.

Popular Documents

June 9, 1958

Department II File Note, 'Finland and the Rapacki Plan'

File note reports on Finland's stance on the Rapacki Plan. Finland hesitates to get involved, and instead waits to see the positions adopted by other powers. However, Finland does support the plan as an effort towards international détente.

January 14, 1958

Record on the Results of MOFA Collegium Session on Jan. 14, 1958

The Polish Foreign Ministry outlines further action on the Rapacki Plan following its rejection by the NATO Permanent Council. This further action includes introducing new elements to the Plan and keeping it relevant and up-to-date.

May 9, 1959

Code Message No. 4513 from J. Winiewicz to the Chiefs of All Diplomatic Posts

Deputy Minister Winiewicz instructs chiefs of all diplomatic posts on how to respond to questions about the Rapacki Plan. He confirms that they will uphold the Rapacki Plan, but the topics of the Geneva conference should be limited in scope and focused on a peace treaty with Germany.

March 14, 1958

Deputy Minister Naszkowski's Record of the Conference of Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions

Deputy Minister Naszkowski recounts a conference of chiefs of diplomatic missions regarding further action on the Rapacki Plan. Topics include current supporters and opponents of the plan, how to continue popularizing the plan, and development of further contacts.

January 7, 1958

Unsigned Draft Code Message to Director Blusztain

This message summarizes responses to the Rapacki Plan from countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.