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February 4, 1949

Cable, Joseph Stalin to Anastas Mikoyan

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Top Secret


(About Americans in the circle of CC CCP. About Rittenberg and A.L. Strong)

I.V. STALIN to A.I. MIKOYAN 4 February 1949 (No. 0927)




For conveying to Mao Zedong.


We do not doubt that the American Rittenberg who works in the editorial office of the Central organ of the CC CCP is a vicious American spy. We advise to arrest him immediately and, through him, to expose the network of American agents.


We know for sure that the American writer Anna-Louise Strong is an American spy. In recent years she requested to come to the USSR, as if a leftist element in the workers’ movement, and a Marxist sympathizer of the Communists, but we rebuffed her every time. In reality she has long served the Americans, as their spy. We advise that you henceforth do not allow her into your circle and into the areas, occupied by the CCP.




Stalin cable to Mikoyan, responding to Mikoyan's report that an American named Rittenberg is stationed with the Chinese Communist party as a spy. Stalin recommends an arrest of Rittenberg immediately, so as "to expsoe the network of American agents" operating in China. Stalin then notes that another American, writer Anna-Louise Strong, is also an American spy.


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