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Feng, Xuan

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Popular Documents

August 5, 1979

Annex B/2: On the International Situation (Information Notes by Feng Xuan, CCP Member and Deputy Minister of the International Liaison Department)

The Chinese delegation stresses that Soviet social-imperialism is the main offensive threat to world peace today. Europe is its main target to win over the US in the global hegemonic race. The Soviet Union is in an offensive posture while the US is on a defensive one. It also describes China's position on the conflict with Vietnam.

January 10, 1955

Cable from Feng Xuan, 'Reaction of Britain, United States, France towards the Kuala Lumpur Five Countries inviting China to attend the Afro-Asian Conference'

The UK responded the decision of inviting China to attend the Asian-African Conference with anger, stating that countries in the Bogor Conference had wrong expectations toward China. The US feared that China would have great influence on the Asian-African Conference and thus weaken US influence in the region. The US and UK also worried that China’s participation would improve China-Japan relations. French press expressed this decision as the evidence of the failure of the US power in Southeast Asia.

July 18, 1955

Plan for the Sino-US Ambassadorial Talks in Geneva

The Chinese Foreign Ministry outlines objectives and strategies for negotiating with the United States.

July 30, 1955

Instructions on the Sino-American Ambassadorial Level Talks at Geneva (Excerpt)

Instructions from the PRC Foreign Ministry to its negotiators at the Sino-American talks. These instructions concerned the PRC's basic policy, their attitude toward the question of expatriates, the US embargo against China, possible higher level Sino-American talks. Possible issues that could be raised by the US were also mentioned: The matter of US assets in China, the issue of shooting down commercial airliners, and the issue of cease-fire across the Taiwan Strait. Besides, the Foreign Ministry gave instructions on the attitude to adopt at the meetings as well as the need to constantly ask for instructions.

July 17, 1955

Cable from Pu Shouchang to Qiao Quanhua, 'The Premier's Specific Instructions'

Zhou Enlai's instructions regarding the Sino-US talks