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Xie, Fuzhi 1909- 1972

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Popular Documents

April 28, 1969

Mao Zedong’s Speech at the First Plenary Session of the CCP’s Ninth Central Committee

Mao speaks about the importance of a united socialist China, remaining strong amongst international powers.

September 11, 1969

Information about A.N. Kosygin’s Conversation With Zhou Enlai on 11 September 1969

A.N. Kosygin met with Zhou Enlai, Li Xiannian, and Xie Fuzhi in an effort to improve strained relations between the Soviet Union and China. The main focus was the on-going Sino-Soviet border dispute. Kosygin also proposed the expansion of trade relations and economic cooperation as well as the normalizing of railroad and aviation connections. Significantly, the Soviet premier also acquiesced when Zhou declared that Beijing would not curtail its political and ideological criticism of the Soviet Union.

December 5, 1965

Record of Premier Zhou Enlai's Conversation with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Le Thanh Nghi

Zhou Enlai and Le Thanh Nghi discuss US military strategy in the Vietnam War.

January 10, 1960

Central Committee Taiwan Work Small Group Report to the Central Committee and Central Committee Guidance regarding the Situation at the 10th Session

A group of senior CCP officials outline how the Party can both plan for a "military resolution while striving to achieve a peaceful resolution" with regards to Taiwan.

April 12, 1955

Cable from Yuan Zhongxin, 'Plane Crash Situation Report'

Yuan Zhongxin reports on an airplane carrying Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Polish personnel to the Asian-African Conference which crashed into the sea near India.