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September 10, 1954

Letter, Preston Goodfellow to President Syngman Rhee

In this letter, Goodfellow addresses Korean tungsten production and German attempts to buy it. He states Americans will not allow players “behind the Iron Curtain” to own or have the power to set the tungsten world price. He also briefly mentions American military assistance and the first Taiwan Crisis.

February 13, 1973

Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, "Enhanced ROK Diplomatic Activity"

Ozbudun sends a letter to Muller, in place of Narasimhan, reporting on enhanced ROK diplomatic activities

September 24, 1987

Procedure concerning Operative Advance Notification on Cross-Border Transit requested by DPRK Security Organs

Stasi procedures for South Koreans transiting via East Germany for meetings with DPRK officials.

May 31, 1988

Stasi Advance Notification and Instructions to Border Organs

An individual example of a Stasi advance notification and instructions for a Korean transiting East Germany to meet with DPRK officials.

October 10, 1988

Note about a Conversation with the DPRK Ambassador to the GDR, Comrade Pak Yeong-chan, on 10 October 1988 in Berlin

DPRK Ambassador Pak Yeong-chan discusses Hungary's decision to recognize the South Korean government, East German-North Korean relations, and procedures for North Korean citizens traveling to West Berlin.

October 17, 1988

Letter from the DPRK Embassy to the GDR to the Main Department for Consular Affairs, GDR Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The DPRK Embassy in East Germany seeks to establish procedures and permissions for Korean citizens traveling to West Berlin.

April 6, 1989

Record of Meeting between Comrade Pak Yeong-chan and Comrade Vogel

East German and North Korean officials discuss DPRK-GDR relations, the World Youth Festival in North Korea, and security procedures for Korean nationals in Berlin.

April 13, 1989

Assistance for Entry and Exit

An example of a Stasi document on two South Korean citizens transiting East Germany to travel to and from Pyongyang.

May 23, 1989

Note on Meeting with Comrade Ri Jong-geun on 18 May 1989

Ri Jong-geun announces that he will continue to act as a security liaison for the DPRK in East Germany and will maintain a portfolio covering all North Korean nationals living in the GDR.

May 24, 1989

Note on Meeting with Comrade Ri Jong-geun on 24 May 1989

Ri Jong-geun requests that East Germany provide the DPRK with information of Korean nationals in the GDR.