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November 2, 1946

Cable Nº 37172/37168 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran I. V. Sadchikov reports on increased repression of populist organizations, trade unions, and the People's Party of Iran (Tudeh). He requests instructions on how to advise populists who hope to declare a one-day general protest strike.

October 2, 1946

Cable Nº 32951/32947/32970 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran Sadchikov informs the Soviet leadership that Qavam claims not to be delaying Majlis elections in order to avoid implementing the Soviet Union's oil concession in Iran. Qavam instead insists that elections will be held once there is an acceptable resolution to the Azerbaijani and Qashqai conflicts as well as other conditions necessary to ensure a majority in the Majlis.

February 21, 1946

Reception of Prime Minister of Iran Qavam os-Saltaneh by Cde. I. V. Stalin

Stalin and Iranian Prime Minister Ahmad Qavam discuss the future of the Soviet-Iranian relationship, Qavam's slim majority in the Majlis, the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the possibility of a Soviet oil concession in Iran, and the risks of Azerbaijani autonomy.

March 18, 1944

Letter, Dimitrov to Molotov, 'The Situation in the People's Party of Iran'

Message from Dimitrov to Molotov about the 1944 Iranian elections and the upcoming merger of the country's trade unions. Dimitrov attributes the People's Party's loss in the election to corruption among its opponents, but states that the campaign for the People's Party was successful in introducing its ideas to Iranian citizens.

July 14, 1945

Secret Soviet Instructions, 'Measures to Carry out Special Assignments throughout Southern Azerbaijan and the Northern Provinces of Iran'

Soviet document with instructions on creating the Azerbaijan Democratic Party in northern Iran in an attempt to set the basis for a separatist movement.

July 6, 1945

Decree of the CC CPSU Politburo to Mir Bagirov CC Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, 'Measures to Organize a Separatist Movement in Southern Azerbaijan and Other Provinces of Northern Iran'

The Soviet leadership informs the leadership of the CPAz CC of the decisions taken regarding the need to organize a separatist movement in Northern Iran. The document sets up a step by step plan to insure that the population in Northern Iran can be manipulated to declare independence and join the Azerbaijan SSR.