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Panikkar, K. M. (Kavalam Madhava) 1896- 1963

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Popular Documents

October 3, 1950

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and K.M. Panikkar

Zhou Enlai talks with K.M. Panikkar about a letter from Jawaharlal Nehru asking about the North Korea issue and U.S. involvement on the Korean peninsula. Zhou expresses that if American soldiers cross the 38th parallel, then China will take charge of the issue. Zhou also communicates the desire from the Chinese side for the peaceful settlement of the Korea issuen through the UN, which will first require foreign armed forces to exit the Korean peninsula.

July 2, 1950

Incoming Cable No. 19413, Roschin to the Central Committee

Roschin tells the CC of his meeting with Zhou Enlai, in which they discussed talks with the Indian ambassador over maneuvering at the UN, and over the possibility of Chinese intervention in Korea against American forces.

July 1, 1950

Conversation between Indian Ambassador Kavalam Madhava Panikkar and Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu

Zhang Hanfu and K.M. Panikkar discuss the role of the United Nations in ending the conflict in Korea.

June 23, 1952

Summary of Conversation between Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and Indian Commissioner T.N. Kaul

Zhang Hanfu and K.M. Panikkar discuss the status of Tibet between China and India.

December 13, 1950

Telegram from Zhou Enlai to Wu Xiuquan and Qiao Guanhua

Zhou Enlai expresses that China is the most interested in the opinion of the U.S. and the UN regarding the conditions for an armistice on the Korean peninsula, and makes clear that the 38th parallel is no longer in existence.