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September 1944

Memorandum by George Kennan , 'Russia – Seven Years Later' (excerpt)

George Kennan describes Stalin's character, underlining the importance of his nationality, ignorance of the west, and his seclusion. Kennan further warns that Stalin's advisors are not interested in collaborating with western democracies, and that Russia's internal police regime is developed beyond its foreign policy.

January 20, 1953

Eisenhower's Inaugural Address

Eisenhower's presidential inaugural address after his election in 1952.

April 14, 1950

National Security Council Report, NSC 68, 'United States Objectives and Programs for National Security'

On US national security policy at the beginning of the Cold War. Includes an assessment of the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as US and Soviet nuclear weapons capabilities.

December 10, 1948

Central Intelligence Agency Memorandum for the President on the Situation in Berlin

CIA Memorandum for President Truman on US position on Soviet actions in Berlin.

September 28, 1948

Central Intelligence Agency Report, "Consequences of a Breakdown in Four-Power Negotiations on Germany"

Summarizes Soviet objectives and strategies in entering into Four-Power discussions about Berlin and Germany.

June 14, 1948

Central Intelligence Agency Report, "Effects of Soviet Restrictions on the US Position in Berlin"

Describes effect of Soviet restrictive measures in Berlin on US intelligence and propaganda activities and on operations of the joint military government.

June 5, 1947

Speech by US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, 'The Marshall Plan'

Speech in which George C. Marshall lays out the "Marshall Plan" for US aid to assist in the re-building of post-war Europe.

March 12, 1947

Truman Doctrine, 'Recommendations for Assistance to Greece and Turkey'

Truman's speech to Congress in which he laid the foundations of the Truman Doctrine by stating that the United States would support Greece and Turkey in order to prevent them from under the sway of the Soviet Union. This speech is often cited as the beginning of the Cold War, and US containment policy.

March 5, 1946

Churchhill's "Iron Curtain" Speech, "Sinews of Peace"

Text of speech given by Churchill at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri in which he first used the phrase "iron curtain."

February 9, 1946

Speech Delivered by Stalin at a Meeting of Voters of the Stalin Electoral District, Moscow

English translation of Stalin's 1946 "election" speech.