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November 16, 1920

Telegram, Stalin to LENIN and the TsEKA [Central Committee]

I. V. Stalin discusses Kuchuk Khan's past correspondence with the Shah of Iran, his replacement in the Gilan province by Communist leader Ehsanullah, and the limited possibilities for revolution in Iran.

February 21, 1983

Information about Anti-Communist Activities in Iran

Report and analysis of arrests of Tudeh (People's Party of Iran) leaders and other forms of repression against the Tudeh Party.

May 4, 1981

Information about the Activity of Leftist Organizations in Iran

Report on leftist groups under attack by the central clerical leadership of Iran and particularly the Tudeh Party.

December 1988

Information by the security agencies of the VRB, 'About the Mass Executions of the Leaders of the Tudeh Party and the Political Authorities of the Left in Iran'

Report on the execution of incarcerated Iranian People's Party (Tudeh) leaders and other political prisoners.


Report on the Political and Economic Situation in Tabriz in 1943

A report detailing the political and economic situation in Tabriz in 1943, detailing, among other things, leadership, local government, and elections. There is emphasis placed on the Soviet role in the region and how it will affect outcomes.


A Brief Description of the Report of Members of the Executive Committee of the CC of the Iranian People's Party, Cdes. Bograti, Frutan, and Kasemi

A description of a report about the actions of the People's Party of Iran in Iranian Azerbaijan and issues due to the separation between their organization and the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan.


Message to the CC CPSU from General Secretary of the CC of the People’s Party of Iran Radmanesh

Radmanesh reports about problems arising due to the split between the Iranian People's Party and the Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan.


Message to the CC CPSU from Members of the People's Party of Iran

The People's Party of Iran requests the return of as many party members to Iran as possible.


Excerpt from a Dissertation by M.I. Ivanova in the CC CPSU Academy of Social Sciences

An excerpt from M.I. Ivanova's dissertation which quotes a decision by the Central Committee of the Iranian Communist Party (ICP).

January 12, 1953

Message to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about M.I. Ivanova's Dissertation

Letter to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about the contents of M.I. Ivanova's classified dissertation about the Iranian Communist Party.