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  • March 30, 1959

    Memorandum of Conversation with the Deputy Chairmen of the Committee of Cultural Ties with Foreigners, Zhang Zhixiang, and the Deputy of the Department of the Socialist Countries, Lu Ming

    Sudarikov, the Soviet embassy advisor, discusses with the Chinese deputy chairman of the Committee of Cultural Ties with Foreigners and the deputy of the Department of the Socialist Countries to discuss plans for Chinese-Soviet cultural exchange in 1959. The goal of the cultural exchange is primarily to collaborate in the areas of culture and art and strengthen the friendship between the two countries. Zhang Zhixiang expresses the step-by-step Chinese point of view on how this should be achieved.

  • July 01, 1960

    Zhang Zhiziang, 'Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Foreign Cultural Work, Future Tasks and Guidelines'

    Zhang Zhixiang of China's Committee for Foreign Cultural Relations outlines the achievements and failures of the PRC's cultural diplomacy since 1949, and gives some suggestion for future approaches.

  • September 30, 1962

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlaiā€™s Reception of Korea-China Friendship Association Delegation

    Zhou Enlai and a North Korean delegation discuss the health of Kim Il Sung and the situation of agricultural and cultural work in the DPRK.