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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 26, 1954

    Letter by S. P. Korolev with Enclosed Report by Tikhonravov, 'On the Possibility of the Development of an Artificial Earth Satellite'

    Report on simple satellite proposed by Tikhonravov, addressed to Council of Ministers

  • January 05, 1957

    Proposal On the First Launches of Artificial Earth Satellites Before the Start of the International Geophysical Year

    Suggesting launch of a smaller and simpler satellite before the beginning of the International Geophysical Year

  • May 16, 1957

    Report of V. M. Riabikov, M. I. Nedelin, K. N. Rudnev, and S. P. Korolev to the CPSU Central Committee

    Results of first launch of the R-7 ICB

  • September 16, 1958

    Letter, Sergei Korolev to Comrade K.N. Rudnev

    Proposal from Sergei Korolev submitted to the State Committee for Defense Technology to develop a spy satellite with a cosmonaut on board.

  • September 10, 1960

    Proposal from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC on Human Spaceflight

    Formal proposal to Central Committee from a group of industrial leaders, military officials, scientists, and designers to carry out the first human spaceflight by December 1960.

  • November 10, 1960

    Report from D. Ustinov et al on Preparations for Two Test Flights of the Vostok-A Prototype

    Report from industrial leaders, scientists, and designers to the Central Committee on preparations for two test flights of the Vostok-A prototype before human space mission on Vostok-3A variant

  • March 24, 1961

    Report from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC on Preparations to Launch the Vostok-3A

    Report to Central Committee from industrial leaders, military leaders, scientists, and designers on preparations to launch a final automated test flight before actual piloted spaceflight.

  • May 03, 1961

    Preliminary Report on the Results of the Launch of the Third Vostok-3a Satellite-Ship with Pilot Yu. A. Gagarin on Board (Accomplished On April 12, 1961)

    Preliminary Report analyzing the results of the Vostok flight of Yuriy Gagarin, prepared by the design bureau in charge of the flight, OKB-1, based in Kaliningrad north of Moscow.