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  • June 27, 1972

    US Embassy Tokyo Cable 67912 to State Department, 'Japanese View Regarding Indian Nuclear Plans'

    Cable on a discussion with Japanese Disarmament Division Chief Tanaka, who was uncertain whether India would conduct the nuclear test or not.

  • August 31, 1977

    US Embassy Tokyo Telegram 13359 to State Department, 'Significance of the Japanese Offer to Delay Construction of the Plutonium Conversion Plant'

    The cable describing an importance of the Japanese offer to delay construction of the plutonium conversion plant in exchange of them postponing a decision for two years on co-processing.

  • November 09, 1978

    'US Demarche on Pakistani Reprocessing Plant,' US Embassy Japan cable 19874 to State Department

    Japanese response to U.S. demarche on Pakistani nuclear development, describing recent discussions between Pakistan and Japan that touched on nuclear issues.

  • February 03, 1979

    US Embassy Tokyo Telegram 02669 to State Department, 'Bilateral Nuclear Consultations with Japan'

    The telegram describing a meeting between US Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Pickering and Japanese Atomic Energy Commissioner Kinya Niizeki on a plan to use a Pacific island as a storage site for spent reactor fuel.

  • November 15, 1979

    Department of State Telegram 298150 to US Embassy Tokyo, 'US-Japan Consultations on Non-Proliferation: Non-INFCE Subjects'

    The telegram describing the US-Japan Consultations on Non-Proliferation

  • November 15, 1979

    Department of State telegram 296435 to US Embassy Tokyo, 'US Japan Discussions on Post-INFCE Regime'

    The telegram describing the US-Japan Discussions on Post-INFCE Regime.

  • August 23, 1980

    US Embassy Japan Telegram 14873 to State Department, 'GAO Review: Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978'

    The telegram describes the US Embassy in Tokyo reporting Japan's criticism of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978 but its unwillingess to be strongly opposed in fear of a cut-off in enrichment services and nuclear reactor components.

  • November 12, 1980

    State Department Telegram 302395 to US Embassy Japan, 'Japanese Reprocessing Plans'

    The telegram shows the State Department requesting the US Embassy in Tokyo to learn more about Japanese thinking on a second reprocessing plant and why Japanese MITI and JAERIA held different views on this issue.

  • January 15, 1981

    State Department Telegram 010144 to US Embassy Japan, 'Tokai-Mura Negotiations Text of Notes'

    The telegram notifies the White House reaching an interim agreement with Japan that authorizes Tokai Mura to reprocess fifty more tons of spent fuel to keep the plant operating in exchange of Japan not making any attempts toward establishing a new reprocessing plant before 1 June 1981.