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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 24, 1962

    Annual Report by Polish Military Attache in Moscow

    General Wyderkowski reports on topics such as: problems within the Soviet Union specifically with economic and industry production; military industry development observations, including nuclear preparations; suggestion for more interaction between army and society; efforts for positive relationship between Polish Embassy and Moscow and little contact with capitalist countries; 22nd Congress of the Soviet Union; new military training techniques; and foreign policy, especially increased interest in diplomatic ties to Africa.

  • December 26, 1988

    CPSU Central Committee, 'On an Answer to Questions from the International Labor Organization on Questions of Conversion of the Defense Industry and Related Areas'

    The CPSU Central Committee discusses the Socialist countries' lack of response to an International Labor Organization (ILO) questionnaire on conversion of the defense industry and suggests government offices to review the questions and submit possible answers to the Central Committee.

  • 1989

    Conversion of the Workforce Engaged in the Defense Industry and Related Areas

    List of survey questions intended to help the International Labour Organization (ILO) determine possibilities for conversion of the workforce engaged in the defense industry as well as the broader implications of decreasing military expenditures.

  • August 10, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 10 August 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 10 August 1989 describes the latest developments in Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Panama, the Soviet Union, China, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Korea, and West Germany.