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  • January 08, 1955

    Cable from Peng Di, 'Regarding the Situation of the Bogor Conference'

    Peng Di reports on discussions at the Bogor Conference, including the status of the five principles of peaceful coexistence and inter-asian economic cooperation.

  • January 10, 1955

    Cable from Feng Xuan, 'Reaction of Britain, United States, France towards the Kuala Lumpur Five Countries inviting China to attend the Afro-Asian Conference'

    The UK responded the decision of inviting China to attend the Asian-African Conference with anger, stating that countries in the Bogor Conference had wrong expectations toward China. The US feared that China would have great influence on the Asian-African Conference and thus weaken US influence in the region. The US and UK also worried that China’s participation would improve China-Japan relations. French press expressed this decision as the evidence of the failure of the US power in Southeast Asia.

  • January 16, 1955

    Cable from Huang Zhen, 'Number of People Attending the Afro-Asian Conference, and Related Matters'

    Huang Zhen informs the foreign ministry that according to the chair of the Department of Law and Economy of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Indonesia decides that the member number of each official delegation attending the Asian-African conference will be 10.

  • January 16, 1955

    Report from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Draft of the Tentative Working Plan for Participating in the Asian-African Conference'

    The note stated that the Asian-African Conference could be a great contribution in establishing international peace. Among the participants, there were Chinese allies, neutral countries, and American allies. China had to isolate American power in the Conference and befriend the neutral countries. The Chinese Foreign Ministry therefore drafted the plan accordingly.

  • January 17, 1955

    Plan (Draft) for Compilation, Translation and Publication in Cooperation for the Propaganda in the Asian-African Conference

    A list of books and pamphlets to be distributed by China at the Asian-African for the purpose of propaganda. The topics concerned include: Nationality, Religion in China, China in general, Taiwan, and China's Five Principles

  • January 17, 1955

    Summary of the Informal Discussion on Information Material Work during China's Preparation for the Asian-African Conference

    Informal discussion in the Information Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the preparation for propaganda work at the Asian-African Conference. The discussion concerns the dispatch of journalists, the exchange of culture and the distribution of propaganda materials

  • January 17, 1955

    From the Journal of Ambassador Pavel Yudin: Record of Conversation with Mao Zedong on 8 January 1955

    A conversation with Soviet Ambassador to China Pavel Yudin and Mao Zedong concerning then-current Sino Soviet relations. Topics included commitment of Party cadres to the Marxist-Leninist ideal, a meeting in Jakarta between prime ministers of India, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), and Indonesia, and how to counterbalance the United States in Asia and Africa.

  • January 21, 1955

    Cable from Liu Guanyi, 'Report regarding the Situation of the Asian-African Conference'

    Report on Indonesian public opinion about the upcoming Asian-African Conference.

  • January 22, 1955

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou's Reception of the Indonesian Ambassador Arnold Mononutu

    The Indonesian ambassador tells Zhou that the Indonesian government has sent out the letter of invitation inviting China to attend the Asia-African Conference. Indonesia hopes that PRC will send delegation to this conference and that the Chinese premier will visit Indonesia. Zhou Enlai expresses that after the Chinese government receives the official letter of invitation, the government will give official reply.

  • January 29, 1955

    Report from the First Asia Department Third Section

    The Indonesian ambassador to China handed an invitation letter and memoranda to Zhang Hanfu. This report advances some suggestions about how to reply the letter and the memoranda and how to release the related news.

  • January 31, 1955

    Cable from Huang Zhen, 'The Soviet Ambassador Came to Visit and Told Me the Following Issues'

    The Soviet ambassador to Indonesia reported that when delegations discussed before the Bogor Conference whether to invite China to the Asian-African Conference, the Indian ambassador opposed because inviting China would cause the Western countries to consider that Indonesia had aligned with one of the two blocs in the world.

  • February 01, 1955

    Report from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Existence of Diplomatic Relations Between Afro-Asian Conference Participant Countries and the Jiang Bandits'

    The note details whether the participating countries in the Asian-African Conference have diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

  • February 09, 1955

    Cable from Dong, 'Record about the First Discussion on the Administrative Arrangement for the Presence of the Asian-African Conference'

    Discussion between Chinese Vice Ministers and the Chinese Premier on what kind of cars should be bought to use at the Asian-African Conference and whether those cars should be sent from China.

  • February 10, 1955

    Letter from Zhou Enlai to Ali Sastroamidjojo’s

    Zhou Enlai informs the Indonesian Prime Minister that China has accepted the invitation to attend the Bandung Conference.

  • February 12, 1955

    Cable from Huang Zhen, 'Discussion of Issues relating to the Asian-African Conference during the Meeting with Sidik'

    The Ambassador to Indonesia reports on a meeting with Sidik Djojosukarto, the leader of the Indonesian National Party (PNI), regarding the Asian-African conference, Indonesian politics, and Sidik's possible visit to China.

  • February 19, 1955

    Report from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'The Joint Secretariat of the Asian-African Conference'

    Chinese report on the creation of the Joint Secretariat of the Asian-African Conference and its work to prepare the Conference (venue, broadcasting, etc.) The report also discussed the preparation of India, Afghanistan and Japan. Besides, American efforts to sabotage the conference through its vassal countries were also mentioned.

  • March, 1955

    Leter from China's Vice Foreign Minister to the Afro-Asian Secretary-General Ruslan Abdulgani

    Chinese Vice Foreign Minister informed Afro-Asian Secretary General that China did not have any suggestion for the Conference agenda

  • March 04, 1955

    Cable from Yuan Zhongxin, 'Nehru Inquired about Premier Zhou's Schedule for the Afro-Asian Conference'

    Indian prime minister asked Chinese delegation whether Zhou Enlai would participate in the Asian-African Conference. The Chinese delegate gave positive answer but without detailed itinerary.

  • March 04, 1955

    Minutes of the Meeting between Vice Minister Zhang and the Indonesian Ambassador Mononutu

    The Indonesian Ambassador to China talked to Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu about the intended official visit by Zhou Enlai to Indonesia, the issue of dual nationality between the two countries and the nature of the Chinese delegation to the Asian-African Conference.

  • March 09, 1955

    Cable from Huang Zhen, 'Report regarding Asian-African Conference Issues'

    The telegram covers the rules of procedure on the Asian-African Conference and some logistic issues and receptions of the Conference.