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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 21, 1957

    Summary of the Two Conversations between Premier Zhou and Prime Minister Khan of Afghanistan

    Zhou Enlai and Mohammed Daoud Khan agree to strengthen cooperation between China and Afghanistan.

  • January 28, 1957

    Report No. 105 from Young Kee Kim to Chung Whan Cho

    Young Kee Kim briefs Minister Cho on the agreement between Philippines and Egypt and Israel as well as the treaty of friendship between Philippines and Switzerland.

  • April 08, 1957

    Report No. 114 from Do Soon Chung to Chung Hwan Cho

    Minister Chung briefs Minister Cho on the Moral Re-armament Assembly in Baguio City from March 29th to April 8th.

  • April 10, 1957

    Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'The Premier's Discussion with the Indonesian Ambassadors on Convening the Second Afro-Asian Conference'

    In a meeting with the Indonesian ambassador, Zhou Enlai emphasized that it was important that many countries would attend the second Asian-African conference and that China wanted the conference to bolster solidarity rather than be a place for argument.

  • June 28, 1957

    Transcript of a CC CPSU Plenum, Evening

    The CPSU politburo discusses the effects of Molotov's foreign policy on Soviet influence in the Middle East. Molotov is accused of being adventurous, leading to a loss in prestige for the Soviet Union when imperialist powers forced Egypt to withdraw from the Suez Crisis.

  • September 01, 1957

    Repercussions from America's Position regarding Syria and the Arab countries

    America sends warships into Syrian territorial waters, and regional powers calibrate their postures.

  • September 26, 1957

    Foreign Ministry report on the Hungarian government delegation’s trip in Egypt in 1957 (excerpts)

    Report on conversations with Egyptian Foreign Minister Fawzi on the recent failed Hungarian Revolution and pressure from Western governments ("the Hungarian Question"). Egypt promised to support Hungary in the United Nations.

  • November 21, 1957

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, 'Egyptian Newspaper Carries Its Correspondent’s Report on the Conversation between Amer and Chairman Mao'

    An Egyptian reporter published an article on National Defense Minister Amer's visit to the Soviet Union. There he thanked Mao for China's support during Egypts struggle for independence.

  • December 10, 1957

    Note about a Meeting on 29 November 1957 between Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol with GDR Ambassador Comrade Fischer and Comrade Behrens

    East German and North Korean officials discuss North Korea's economic and political relations with India, Indonesia, Burma, Syria, and Japan.

  • 1958

    The Muslim Brotherhood's Movements

    Document containing information on the Brotherhood's communication as well as the exodus of Egyptian members of the Brotherhood to other Arab countries, most notably Sa'id Ramadan and a number of Egyptian army officers.

  • January 01, 1958

    List of Egyptian Citizens

    Report on surveillance of Egyptian/United Arab Republic expatriates in Lebanon.

  • 1958

    Untitled report about Egyptian activities in Lebanon

    Information on the types and sources of Egyptian political propaganda being published in Lebanon.

  • January 31, 1958

    Report of the Hungarian Ambassador in Cairo on the establishment of the United Arab Republic and the Syrian public opinion in 1958 (exceprts)

    This report by the Hungarian ambassador in Cairo states that the Syrian people are wary toward President Nasser’s creation of the United Arab Republic, fearing he will enforce a dictatorship, however the Syrian communist party is in full support of the union.

  • April 28, 1958

    From the Journal of Gromyko, Record of a Conversation with Ambassador Ri Sin-Pal of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Gromyko records that North Korea was eager to start a nuclear program, though they insisted it was for “peaceful purposes.” The North Korean Ambassador requested Soviet scientific aid and was informed by Gromyko that the request would “undoubtedly be considered in a favorable spirit.”

  • May 04, 1958

    Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Audience with Members of a Military Delegation from the United Arab Republic (Excerpt)

    Mao expresses support for the United Arab Republic (1958-1971) and their anti-colonialist struggle.

  • May 26, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 26 May 1958

    Kim Il Sung reports on Egyptian-Soviet-Korean relations, his views of Tito and Yugoslavia, and economic planning in North Korea.

  • June 03, 1958

    From the Journal of N.T. Fedorenko, Reception of DPRK Ambassador in the USSR Ri San-pal

    Ri San-pal responds to Senator Mike Mansfield's comments on inter-Korean relations and briefs N.T. Federenko on North Korea's diplomatic relations with Eygpt.

  • June 23, 1958

    Excerpt from ''Ordnance: Chronology of Historical Events, Volume 1''

    Excerpt from an internal Vietnamese army history which describes a 1958 shipment of weapons to Algeria to help the Algerian rebels fighting against the French.

  • July 05, 1958

    Untitled report to the Director of the Sûreté Générale concerning security in Lebanon

    Account of two recent meetings at an arm of the Soviet Embassy in Beirut regarding the political status of Lebanon, and communists distribute pamphlets calling on security forces to join the masses.

  • October 02, 1958

    T. Zhivkov’s Report at the Bulgarian Plenary Session on the Middle East Crisis

    A report based on military intelligence information and on Zhivkov's conversation with the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.