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  • 1954

    Leaders of the Communist Movement in Lebanon

    A list of the leaders of the Communist movement in Lebanon, including their names, dates and places of birth and nationalities.

  • December 17, 1954

    The Comsomol in Lebanon

    Short document with information on the Lebanese Communist youth organization “Democratic Youth,” which is associated with the Comsomol.

  • 1955

    Names of the Communist Party Members

    A list of Communist party members and information, including locations and professions.

  • 1955

    Miscellaneous information about the Communist Party

    Information on the Lebanese communist party including membership, leadership, information on the military branch of the party, the party press, the party in the country versus the city, their relationship with the Soviet Union, and funding of the Lebanese communist party.

  • September 01, 1955

    Communist Leadership Meeting

    Report on a meeting of Syrian and Lebanese Communist Party leaders to compare notes and discuss cooperation between the two parties.

  • September 13, 1956

    Muslim Brotherhood Activities

    Document describes Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Party activities in early September 1956, and covers the Suez canal crisis, the Algerian rebels, enmity between the Communists and the Brotherhood, Brotherhood camps in Syria, 1956 elections in Jordan, the Russian delegation's trip to Syria, an alliance between the Ba'ath and the Communists, and a rivalry between the Communists and Kamal Jumblat.

  • October 11, 1957

    A Communist Informer

    A report on the Lebanese communist party with information on communist meetings, the newspaper, and party elections.

  • 1958

    Artine Madoyan

    A time line of Communist Artine Madoyan's life between 1917 and 1958.

  • 1958

    The Military Wing of the Communist Party

    List of names of members of the military wings of the communist party.

  • 1970

    Main Centres of the Lebanese Communist Party

    A list of the main Communist publications in Lebanon with background information on each including location, leadership and a short description.

  • 1970

    Communist in the University Students' Union

    List of members of the Lebanese communist party who are active in the University Students' Union.

  • 1970

    The Lebanese Communist Party and the License

    Document on Kamāl Junblāṭ [Kamal Jumblat] granting the Communists permission to operate publicly.

  • 1971

    Organizations in which the Communists are Active

    Document describes links between members of the Pacifists and the Communist Party, and includes notes on the 14th May 1971 meeting of the Pacifists.

  • 1971

    List of Communist Names

    Short document. List of Communists.

  • March 16, 1971

    A Communist Plan of Action

    Request from the Lebanese Communist Party's central committee for the plans of action from the communist parties of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Sudan and Israel with all documents related to the countries and their plans of action.

  • March 18, 1971

    Extraordinary Meeting of the Communist Party Leadership

    Report on a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lebanon in Tripoli in order to discuss FarajAllāh al-Ḥalū's letter, honoring Communist Party martyrs, divisive activities and intellectual activities, republishing 'life of the party', students' work and work in the name of the party.

  • April 09, 1971

    A Communist Informer in the Ba'ath Party

    Document regarding information on the Ba'ath party given to the Lebanese Communist party by an informant.

  • May 18, 1971

    Communist Decisions

    Report of a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lebanon in Tripoli, with an summary of the decisions made on republishing 'life of the party', students' work, and work in the name of the party. Continuation of "Extraordinary Meeting of the Communist Party Leadership."

  • May 18, 1971

    Union of Democratic Youth Conference

    Short document. Report on youth conference, including where and when it was held and a list of attendees.

  • 1972

    The National Federation of Labour Unions

    A list of leading membership of the Union of Lebanese Labor Unions. Lists membership between 1970 and 1972.