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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1969

    Materials from the Trial of Dr. Radan Sarafov

    Materials from the trial case against Dr. Radan Sarafov, Bulgarian physician.

  • January 23, 1969

    Excerpts from the Prosecutors Act and Supreme Court Decision on the Sentence of Dr. Sarafov

  • January 23, 1969

    Information from Gen. V. Terziev on Military Counterintelligence Agents-Operational Activities During the Military Operation in Czechoslovakia

  • February 06, 1969

    Bulgarian State Security Plan for Operational Measures toward Yugoslav, Romanian, and Czechoslovak Military Attaches

  • April 14, 1969

    Letter from A. Solakov to Y. Andropov on KGB Assistance in Deciphering Algerian Materials

  • April 22, 1969

    Buglarian State Security Report on Meeting with Czech Security Representative in Sofia on the Situation in Czechoslovakia

  • November 05, 1969

    Letter from Y. Andropov to A. Solakov Thanking Him for Italian and Turkish Materials

  • 1970

    Review from Gen. Grigor Grigorov on Subversive Activities of Turkish Intelligence 1968-1969

    Report on the work of Turkish intelligence services in Bulgaria.

  • February 12, 1970

    Information from Gen. V. Terziev on Guidelines of the Enemy's Activities within Bulgarian Armed Forces in 1969

  • January 04, 1971

    Materials from Cuba Regarding CIA Special Investigation Equipment

  • January 21, 1971

    Letter from Y. Andropov to A. Solakov with Gratitude for Materials from West Germany, Switzerland and Turkey

  • January 28, 1971

    Letter from A. Benkei to Gen. A. Solakov on Intelligence Information on East-West Relations

  • March 24, 1971

    Correspondence between Bulgarian State Security and KGB on Obtaining Electronic Equipment

  • April 01, 1971

    Information from Hungarian State Security Service on US Plans for Attacks Against North Vietnam

  • April 14, 1971

    Letter from Sergio Del Valle to Angel Solakov with Intelligence information from Cuba

    Report on the political situation in Bolivia: President Torres takes steps to consolidate his presidential power

  • April 29, 1971

    Information #310 KGB on PGU KGB View on a Proposal of a Warsaw Pact Intelligence Services Meeting

  • May 27, 1971

    Information from Cuba Regarding Former Cuban Officer Arrested as a CIA agent

  • June 14, 1971

    Report from P. Stoyanov on Collaboration with KGB on Operational Equipment

  • June 28, 1971

    Information #549 KGB with Request to Use Bulgarian Academic Institute as an Undercover Location

  • July 08, 1971

    KGB Request for Research on a New Method of Dr. Lozanov in Bulgaria