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  • January 17, 1952

    Report to I. V. Stalin on Draft Instructions to Cde. Sadchikov About the Issue of the Shah of Iran's Overture

    Series of drafts relating to the the Shah's Chief of Office, Nurzad, and his declaration about a possible visit by the Shah to Moscow. Unclear to the Soviet representatives whether that Shah actually desires to go to Moscow.

  • April, 1952

    VKP(b) CC Decree, 'Concerning Instructions to Cde. Sadchikov, the Soviet Ambassador in Iran, in Connection with the Iranian Government's Offer to Sell the Soviet Union Oil'

    Instructions to Soviet representatives in Iran, informing them that they are to show interest in Iranian offers of oil, but ask for specific proposals and note problems with the Soviet oil tanker fleet. Also notes that they emphasize that this issue is tied to that of Soviet-Iranian financial negotiations, and that any problems in this area are not the fault of the Soviet Union.

  • April 11, 1952

    Report to I. V. Stalin on Ambassador Sadchikov's Conversation with Shaoban Kazemi, Kashani's Secretary

    Report on the meeting between Soviet representative, Sadchikov, and Iranian secretary Kashemi, where they discuss the possibility of Iranian sale of oil to the Soviet Union. Sadchikov requests instructions for future meeting. Document reiterates that there should be no Soviet agreement of non-interference in internal Iranian affairs.

  • May 13, 1952

    VKP(b) CC Decree, 'Concerning a Note of the Soviet Government to the Government of Iran in Connection with the Exchange of Letters between Mossadegh and the US Ambassador about the US Giving Aid to Iran

    CPSU CC decree and draft of document to be submitted to Iranian government. Notes that the exchange of letters between Mohammad Mossadegh and US Deputy Secretary of State Henderson indicate that the two parties have reached a deal on military assistance. Document states that this is a breach of neighborly relations and that, in reaching this agreement, the Iranian government has acted against the Soviet Union.

  • May 13, 1952

    Report to I. V. Stalin on Exchange of Letters between Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh and US Ambassador Henderson

    Report distributed among top Soviet officials analyzing the exchange of letters between Mohammad Mossadegh and US Deputy Secretary of State Henderson. Notes that, although not explicitly mentioning it, the letters were likely about renewed US military aid to Iran.

  • May 21, 1952

    From the Journal of Y. A. Vyshinsky, 'The Reception of Nadir Arasteh, the Iranian Ambassador in Moscow'

    Account of meeting between Vyshinsky and Arasteh. Vyshinsky asks Arasteh to pass a note along to Moscow, regarding the exchange of letters between Mohammad Mossadegh and US Ambassador to Iran, Loy Henderson.

  • July 02, 1952

    From the Journal of G. M. Pushkin, 'Reception of Iranian Ambassador to the USSR Nadir Arasteh'

    Account of meeting between G. M. Pushkin and Nadir Arasteh, along with a copy of the note passed to Pushkin by Arasteh, as a response to the note he received from Vyshinsky.

  • August 16, 1952

    Report to V. M. Molotov on Fascist Vandalism in Tehran

    Report on an incident in Tehran, involving the vandalism of a Soviet exhibit, which included likenesses of Soviet leaders. It explicitly blames the Fascist group SUMKA [the Iran National-Socialist Workers]. Attached is a aide-memoire which requests that the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs look into the incident.

  • October 15, 1952

    Report to V. M. Molotov on Draft Instructions to Cde. Sadchikov, the Soviet Ambassador in Iran

    Draft set of instructions for the Soviet Ambassador to Iran, Sadchikov. Indicates several areas for him to pay attention to and report on, specifically Iranian national liberation movements, the "National Front," and plans for nationalizing the oil industry. Also note that he should be especially careful to not appear as if the Soviet Union is taking a stance against Mohammad Mossadegh.

  • December, 1952

    Message to Secretary of the CC of the Azerbaijan CP M.D. Bagirov from Chairman of the CC CPSU Commission for Liaison with Foreign Communist Parties V. Grigor’yan

    Grigor’yan returns two letters written by members of the Communist Party of Iran.

  • January, 1953

    Message to the Secretary of the CC CPSU G.M. Malenkov from Secretary of the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan M.D. Bagirov about M.I. Ivanova's Dissertation

    Secretary Malenkov reports that M.I. Ivanova's dissertation about the activities of the Iranian Communist Party contained decisions which are "misleading and distort the character and meaning of a number of the most important political events and issues"

  • 1953

    Message to CC CPSU G.M. Malenkov about Obstacles in Iranian Azerbaijan

    Malenkov reports complaints about the organization of the Democratic Party of Iranian Azerbaijan in Baku and its radio station.

  • January 12, 1953

    Message to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about M.I. Ivanova's Dissertation

    Letter to M.D. Bagirov from Kambakhsh about the contents of M.I. Ivanova's classified dissertation about the Iranian Communist Party.

  • March 14, 1953

    From the Diary of V. M. Molotov, 'Reception of an Iranian Government Delegation, 14 March 1953'

    Memorandum of conversation between Soviet and Iranian delegations, on the occasion of Stalin's death. The Iranian delegates express their condolences for the Soviet loss.

  • March 21, 1953

    Letter to the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan M.D. Bagirov from Deputy Chief of the General Department CC CPSU Khodov

    Khodov requests the return of two letters from the Iranian People’s Party Central Committee.

  • August, 1953

    Message to the CC CPSU Presidium, from USSR Minister of Internal Affairs S. Kruglov and Secretary of the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan T. Yakubov

    Letter reporting on illegal crossings of the border to Azerbaijan by Iranians due to the famine there. Because of the security risk of infiltration by foreign intelligence agents, recommended that all illegal crossings be sent back to Iran.

  • August 21, 1953

    Message to N.S. Khrushchev from Secretary of the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan T.A. Yakubov on Work with the Azerbaijani Democrats

    Letter from N.S. Khrushchev to T.A. Yakubov regarding the Azerbaijani democrats and their living conditions. It recommends the filming of of the “On the Banks of the Araks” documentary film be allowed to continue in order that the serious condition of the refugees and their finding of employment in Soviet Azerbaijan be documented

  • March 22, 1954

    Letter to the Secretary of the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan Mustafayev About Funds

    Report about remaining funds from the short-lived Azerbaijan People's Government in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • December 22, 1954

    Soviet Translation, 'Statement of the Iran Party Regarding the Bill to Receive a Loan from Foreign Countries' (Attachment)

    The Iran Party's statement is critical of the recent loans made to Iran by the Americans and the British, which it believes will leave Iran indebted to countries that just want to exploit the people and resources of Iran. Also includes various Iranian trade figures.

  • 1955

    Letter to the Soviet Ambassador, Visa for Wife and Children of Iraj Iskanderi

    This letter requests a visa for Iraj Iskanderi's wife and his three children, as well paying for the family's trip to Moscow.